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VA Beach Shark Fishing Charters
The waters off Virginia Beach and Rudee Inlet are some of the best fishing grounds in the world for sharks. The nutrient rich waters of the Chesapeake bay, the Labrador current, and gulf stream all converge off the coast of Virginia creating a great place to fish for sharks. Matador charters does a LOT of shark fishing. Many people prefer to charter the boat for an inshore trip to catch sharks. This is a great option for the family. Although we do catch some really huge sharks inshore, most of the sharks we catch are smaller juvenile sharks like blacktip sharks, spinner sharks, hammerhead sharks, sharpnose sharks and bull sharks. These sharks are catch and release for the most part, but still very fun to catch and kids really have a blast watching these sharks come in and feed, and a little kid holding a shark makes a great photo.
Virginia Beach Shark Fishing
Do you want to catch a fish bigger than you? We can also fish for sharks on an offshore charter trip and an overnight charter trip. The sharks you will catch on these trips are huge. We use big baits, big rods, and we catch some really huge sharks offshore of Virginia Beach. Sharks are available offshore in Virginia most of the year and we regularly catch hammerhead sharks, mako sharks, dusky sharks, tiger sharks, and its not even all that uncommon to see a great white shark. These things are true beasts from the deep. They fight hard and are very impressive fish. Either way whether its inshore or offshore Matador charters can take you to catch the biggest meanest fish in the ocean.