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half day inshore fishing charters in Virginia Beach

August is here and charter fishing in Virginia Beach is red hot right now. Whether its inshore fishing charters or offshore gulf stream sport fishing charters out of Rudee inlet in Virginia Beach, there is plenty to catch with Matador Charters.

Inshore, we are running plenty of inshore fishing charters from Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. trolling the inshore waters off the Virginia Beach resort strip continues to yield good numbers of spanish mackerel and bluefish. We have also seen a fair amount of nice cobia and we should see numbers of cobia increasing as they begin to migrate out of the chesapeake bay as fall gets here. There have also been some encounters with red drum and king mackerel in the waters off the sandbridge area off Virginia Beach. Spadefish have started biting again, so we have good numbers of them available. We also have the usual summer fishing off Virginia Beach for flounder, sea bass, triggerfish, sheepshead, spot and croaker.

Shark fishing remains very good for our shark fishing charters in Virginia Beach. We have had very good luck with the sharks this year and though most of the shark fishing is all catch and release, our charters really enjoy catching sharks and kids really love to see the sharks. Most of the sharks we catch are on the smaller side, however, from time to time we still catch a really huge one. We have caught lots of blacktip sharks, some hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, bull sharks, sand tiger sharks, dusky sharks, and even released a great white shark earlier this summer. It has been a really good summer for shark fishing in Virginia Beach and that should continue.

There is plenty of time and we still have plenty of availability to get out on a charter fishing trip and get in on the action out of Virginia Beach. We are currently booking inshore charters, half day charters, offshore charters, deep drop charters, and of course shark fishing charters. Give me a call today at 7577496008 and we will get you all set up for you charter fishing trip. Thanks, Capt. Jake