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Virginia beach charter fishing boat 2016 winter fishing report

Hi everyone, not much happening right now in the way of fishing off Virginia Beach and currently there is not much to report. We had an excellent 2015 Chesapeake Bay striped bass season, but that season closed January 1 and ocean stripers are not within our range from Virginia Beach right now. The schools of striped bass migrating down the coast are still currently around the southern New Jersey Delaware Bay area. So maybe they will come a little closer and we can have a shot at catching some rockfish in the ocean. Also the fish that were in the Chesapeake Bay should be migrating south and out of the bay at some point so we should get a shot at catching them as well. When any of that will happen is anyones guess. Sea bass season is also currently closed, but when the weather allows, there is excellent deep drop fishing offshore right now for blueline tilefish, golden tilefish, rosefish, snowy grouper, wreckfish, and there should even be some bluefish around. The longliners in the area around the norfolk canyon are reporting plenty of swordfish, bigeye tuna,mako sharks, and yellowfin tuna. Bluefin tuna should arrive anytime between now and april  There is no fine science to it, they swim around and when they are here, they're here. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of bluefin tuna though. 


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