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Last night the fishing wasn't the greatest, but it was a pretty night to be out. We arrived at the start of the incoming and even though the forecast was for light sw winds, the winds were light north where we were fishing and the difference in water temperature between incoming tide and outgoing tide was 66 degrees when the warm water came out of the bay on outgoing to 55/56 degrees when the cool water from the ocean came into the bay on the incoming tide. The cool water came through and shut the drum down. Nonetheless, we weeded through skate after skate. I spoke to several other people fishing in the area and they had similar luck, so we made a move trying to find better water. I ran from the slough between Smith and fisherman's over to the bridge at the nine foot shoal and caught the end of the incoming and the front of the outgoing. Finally when we were down to our last clam, the water temperature started rising(we went through 30 baits with skates, and that was fishing half a spread with bluefish for red drum), we caught a small black drum.
 I think the if the conditions were right, there would be very good fishing for small black drum, red drum, and a handful of big sheepshead along the bridge pilings at the nine foot shoal, but last night the conditions just were not right. 
We put in a lot last night and in the end we earned one. We grilled hotdogs and sausages on the boat and told jokes and I think everyone had a good time, but nonetheless, I dont like taking people fishing and catching 1 of my target species. I'm gonna take a couple days and let things get together a little better with the fishing before I attempt to take another group over there. 

I am booking some trips around the inlet right now. I'm booking for sea bass during that season may 15- June 1, and spadefish and normal summer trips after June 1. I have plenty of availability and with good weather conditions I will be doing a handful of sea bass and spadefish trips as walk ons.