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We heard a rumor that some bluefin tuna had been spotted to the south of Virginia Beach on Sunday and Tuesday looked like a day that we could get out of Rudee Inlet to go commercial fishing for bluefins. This would not be a typical va beach fishing charter. We were taking a three man crew in search of bluefin tuna to sell commercially. The crew of Matador left out of Rudee Inlet late monday night headed south looking for bluefin tuna out in the gulf stream offshore. Bluefin tuna fishing can be tough and can be like finding a needle in a haystack. These fish swim in schools and either you are where they are or you arent. We started out looking for them in the area they had been found on sunday and as the sun came up, we put our lines out and began trolling around looking for signs that the bluefin tuna were in the area. Within a very short time, we had our first bite of the day from a 250# bluefin tuna that we fought for about 30 minutes before landing and putting in the boat. I circled the boat around and a short time later, we had our second bite of the day. This bluefin was a little larger than the first fish was and put up a much stronger fight. We fought this fish for over an hour before we had the fish subdued boatside. Even though the rules say we can catch 3 bluefin tuna per day right now to sell commercially, we were tired of fighting fish and had two nice ones laying on deck. The bite had shut down and we decided to go home early. We went to where the fish were, caught two in short time and came back to rudee inlet to sell the fish. I wish all days of fishing were that easy. We are really happy to see that the bluefin tunas have arrived. Typically they are the first fish that shows up in the spring and once they get here, it means our fishing season out of Virginia Beach has started. We are currently booking offshore fishing trips for bluefin tuna out of rudee inlet in virginia beach for the next several weeks. We are also booking inshore va beach fishing charters and offshore va beach fishing charters through the summer, so if you are making virginia beach travel plans, give us a shout and book a charter fishing trip out of virginia beach. Thanks capt. Jake 757-749-6008