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In virginia beach we have very good fishing in our inshore waters, year round for a multitude of species. An inshore fishing trip can be a great option especially for families who want to get out and spend a day on the water. Inshore charter trips can be full, half, and three quarter day and are typically a much easier going relaxing fishing day than an offshore trip. The runs to and from the fishing grounds are shorter and we typically stay in the Atlantic Ocean or Chesapeake Bay where there is plenty to catch.
On an inshore trip out of Virginia beach, you never know what you are going to catch. In the winter months we typically catch striped bass, sea bass, flounder, tautog, bluefish and dogfish. During the summer months we catch sea bass, flounder, spot, croaker, spanish mackerel, cobia, bluefish, spadefish, red drum, black drum, several different species of sharks, and amberjacks. Our half day inshore trips are very popular with families during the summertime and are great for kids. On a half day inshore during the summer, you can typically plan to catch spanish mackerel, bluefish, lots of sharks, and an occasional cobia or red drum. There are many other options, but this is what we usually target and what is usually the most readily available to catch. Matador charters does a ron of inshore fishing and we know what's biting and how to get them.