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Virginia Beach Overnight Charter fishing 102217

This weekend we had gorgeous weather forecast and the satellite shot looked promising, so we took Underdog out for a 24 hour offshore overnight make up charter fishing trip. We left the Virginia Beach fishing center around lunchtime on Saturday headed for the Norfolk Canyon. We got there and based on slow fishing reports, we made a couple drops for swordfish, but no luck. As it became evening, we switched to trolling for tuna and caught a nice 78# yellowfin tuna on a spreader bar on the south wall of the canyon. It got dark shortly aster so we started drifting. Sharks were thick and we caught several hammerhead sharks up to 10 feet long and killed a nice 7 foot, 98 pound spinner shark for the grill. Spinner sharks are very good to eat. As the sun came up, we shifted gears and went back to tuna fishing. We immediately had a strong bite, but it pulled off. Then around 7am on the north side of the Norfolk, we hooked a double of yellowfin tuna and caught a 73.5# and an 80# yellowfin tuna. We found a nearby float that was holding some mahi, so we stopped and bailed 35 nice sized bailers in short time. Put the trolling gear back out and 20 minutes later had a real nice bite on the 50 wide in the long rigger and after 1 hour and 20 minutes, we caught a nice 161 pound bigeye tuna. We were getting low on ice and running out of time, so we decided to quit trolling. We stopped around the Norfolk and did some bottom fishing and caught 50 nice keeper sea bass, a limit of tilefish with 2 nice citations at 10 pounds, and a couple bluefish, and a red hake. Our 24 hour trip yielded 4 citation tunas, 2 citation tilefish, 2 shark release citations, and a couple hundred pounds of meat for the freezer. Very successful trip with great fishing and great weather. 


Inshore, the red drum fisihng still remains very good. Sea bass season is now open, so we can keep sea bass. Triggerfish and sheepshead are still around. Tautog showing up some. There have been some bluefish around the islands at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. Still catching plenty of spot and croaker in the lower bay and inlets. There have been some false albacore and king mackerel off the Virginia Beach oceanfront. The striped bass fishing has been very slow, but we are experiencing an indian summer in Virginia Beach and the water is still too warm for striped bass to be around. The big news inshore really is and has been the excellent speckled trout fishing going on around the inlets. It has been a great fall for trout so far and it just keeps getting better. All in all, even though it has been a fairly slow summer for the pelagics offshore, the inshore fishing has been great in the fall and we are happy to see the great fishing and the warm temperatures here in Virginia Beach. 

We have plenty of days available for fishing charters right now, and have everything from half day inshore trips, to deep dropping trips, to swordfish trips, to overnight tuna and shark trips available. If you want to go on a charter fishing trip with us, please call at 757749-6008. Thank you


Fall fishing is here! Virginia Beach inshore fishing report 9-25-17

Well summer came and went and we saw some really great fishing from Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach this year. It seems like as quickly as the fishing heated up, now its fall. While our summer fishing slows down, there is still plenty to catch on an inshore charter fishing trip during the fall in Virginia Beach with Matador Charters. We still have sea bass, flounder, triggerfish, trout, red drum, spot, croaker, and of course striped bass aka stripers to look forward to this fall. We have plenty of days available for booking so give us a call at 7577496008 and we will get you booked for your Virginia beach inshore fishing trip. SEA BASS SEASON RE OPENS OCTOBER 22. The first days after this season re opens will be prime fishing dates. We have some of these days available call now to book. Thanks, capt. Jake



Virginia beach inshore charter fishing boat report 52017

Spring has sprung and the charter fishing out of rudee inlet in Virginia Beach is off to a great start. Over the last week, we have seen excellent fishing for sea bass, we have been sight casting to red drum and cobia, and today we caught a nice mess of spadefish. The season is just really getting started and for it to be so early in the season, the charter fishing is really going great. We have a lot of fish to catch on our charter trips and we have plenty of dates avaialble to make charter reservations. Give captain Jake a call today at 7577496008 and get your Virginia Beach fishing charter booked on the charter boat toro from rudee inlet at the Virginia Beach fishing center. Thanks! 


Virginia Beach inshore charter fishing boat report 51017

Today we are here to give you a current Virginia Beach charter fishing report for inshore and wreck fishing charter trips. The great news is that the black sea bass fishing season starts on monday, may 15th, and at matador charters, we have the toro boat ready for the summer season of charter fishing. 

wreck fishing charters and full day inshore fishing charters next week should expect great luck on their fishing charters fishing for black sea bass on the wrecks. There should also be some flounder, and bluefish caught on the wrecks on these fishing charters from Virginia Beach. 


Inshore fishing charters should also see several of our typical summertime charter fishing species showing up soon. Any day we expect to start seeing spanish mackerel and cobia on our inshore fishing charters. We also have the first reports in virginia beach of spadefish being on the structure and wrecks just off the virginia beach oceanfront resort area. Sharks should be here any day. And the fishing charters going out to the mouth of the chesapeake bay and the eastern shore barrier islands are seeing good numbers of red drum, black drum, and even a few spadefish. 


On half day fishing charters out of Virginia beach there is some fishing going on in rudee inlet also. In the inlet we are seeing some large bluefish, puppy drum, black drum, flounder, and even a striped bass or two. 

All in all the 2017 charter fishing season in virginia beach is off to a great start and we are booking up charters with reservations on a daily basis. Please call today to book your virginia beach charter fishing boat for the summer. capt jake is always available and ready to book your charter at 757-749-6008. Call today. Thank you


RED hot Virginia Beach inshore fishing charters

Spring is here and finally we have something to fish for on our inshore fishing charters in Virginia Beach. The puppy drum fishing on our half day inshore fishing trips has been excellent and the last several times we have fished, we have easily caught limits of puppy drum aka redfish aka red drum. We have also seen some black drum, as well as a few flounder, speckled trout, grey trout, bluefish, and even a few stripers. These inshore fishing charters around rudee inlet have really seen some great fishing last couple days. There is also excellent fishing along the barrier islands at the eastern shore and along fishermans island at the mouth of the chesapeake bay for large red and black drum. This fishing will continue for the next couple of weeks and we will see several other species arrive including the sea bass fishery that will kick off in just a couple weeks on may 15. Give us a call today and book your inshore fishing charter aboard toro. We are also booking inshore and offshore fishing charters throughout the summer on the 57' Underdog. 



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