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Bluefin Tuna fishing report Virginia Beach

We finally have something to fish for offshore. It seems like this winter has drawn on forever, but now the bluefins have arrived and we have something to fish for. There have also been some yellowfin tuna out in the gulf stream and we even caught a mahi mahi last week. It really refreshing to see some nice weather and see fish starting to show up offshore. The deep drop fishing has been good offshore all winter, but the weather has been poor. 

Inshore, most of the attention now has been on tautog aka blackfish, but there are some sea bass around as well. Sea bass are currently out of season and must be released. Spring is just around the corner though and we will see more fish arriving daily. This year we will be spending the month of april in Hatteras. There is plenty of fishing in april in hatteras for mahi mahi, and even an occasional marlin or mako. We have plenty of dates available for booking in Hatteras in april and we are currently booking our Virginia Beach summer charter fishing season. We are booking charter fishing trips from the Virginia Beach Fishing Center at Rudee Inlet. Though many of the better dates are booked, we still have a good deal of weekend dates and holidays available. We are booking half day inshore trips, three quarter day inshore chart fishing trips, full day inshore charter fishing trips, and offshore charter fishing trips. We have overnight fishing trips available, as well as late day offshore fishing charters for bigeye tuna at the norfolk canyon. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 for booking inquiries and reservations or just questions. Thanks, capt. Jake



Virginia beach charter fishing boat 2016 winter fishing report

Hi everyone, not much happening right now in the way of fishing off Virginia Beach and currently there is not much to report. We had an excellent 2015 Chesapeake Bay striped bass season, but that season closed January 1 and ocean stripers are not within our range from Virginia Beach right now. The schools of striped bass migrating down the coast are still currently around the southern New Jersey Delaware Bay area. So maybe they will come a little closer and we can have a shot at catching some rockfish in the ocean. Also the fish that were in the Chesapeake Bay should be migrating south and out of the bay at some point so we should get a shot at catching them as well. When any of that will happen is anyones guess. Sea bass season is also currently closed, but when the weather allows, there is excellent deep drop fishing offshore right now for blueline tilefish, golden tilefish, rosefish, snowy grouper, wreckfish, and there should even be some bluefish around. The longliners in the area around the norfolk canyon are reporting plenty of swordfish, bigeye tuna,mako sharks, and yellowfin tuna. Bluefin tuna should arrive anytime between now and april  There is no fine science to it, they swim around and when they are here, they're here. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of bluefin tuna though. 


We are also currently booking for the upcoming 2016 charter fishing season in Virginia Beach, so call today and get your charter fishing trip reserved for 2016. We are booking all of our trips -inshore half day charter fishing, inshore 3/4 day charter fishing, inshore full day charter fishing for species like bluefish, spanish mackerel, sharks, cobia, red drum, black drum, spadefish, sea bass, tautog, flounder, spot, croaker, etc etc etc, and we are also booking offshore charter trips and overnight charter fishing trips for species like yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, bigeye tuna, longfin tuna, sharks, blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, spearfish, swordfish, bluefin tuna, etc. Either way call us today and get your 2016 charter fishing trip booked before all the prime dates get booked. Thanks, capt. Jake




jmu rockfish tournament fishing report

On Sunday Matador Charters fished in the JMU rockfish shootout with one of our regular groups. For the tournament we needed 2 big striped bass to weigh to win, and though he had some really great fishing and caught 5 nice cow stripers, but all of them were 38 pound cookie cutters and they just weren't big enough to win any money in the tournament. Nonetheless we had a great time and caught some nice fish. Chesapeake bay striper season is coming to a close January 1 and we will have to start catching our stripers in the legal waters of the atlantic ocean . The big schools of migrating fish in the ocean are not here yet, but they are on their way. Each approaching cold front pushes them closer and very shortly they should be within our reach from Rudee inlet. We still have plenty of days available for bay season but for these you have to book very soon. Black sea bass season also closes january 1, and we are still doing wreck fishing and deep drop fishing trip. This warm weather continues to be great for that fishery and we have dates available for deep drop fishing trips. Give me a call and get booked at 757-749-6008. Thanks, capt. Jake



61 pound Virginia beach striped bass

On wednesday we had another full day striper fishing charter out of Rudee inlet in Virginia Beach. Matador Charters has been running way up into the waters of the chesapeake bay on on our striper fishing charters and we have been doing light tackle live bait fishing for trophy rockfish, we have had some pretty great results with several trophy stripers landed over 40 pounds. On wednesday, we caught a really huge one at 61 pounds. It was really an incredible fish and there are still big trophy rockfish there and ready to be caught. Matador charters has plenty of charter fishing dates available and we can get you out there. We are only booking full day inshore trips for striped bass right now. 



Va Beach Striper fishing charter boat

We have really had some gorgeous weather lately here in Virginia Beach and been doing a lot of fishing. Most of our fishing efforts are targeted at striped bass fishing in the chesapeake bay with live baits and we have been having very good success recently. There are lots of schoolie sized rockfish up there as well as some really nice trophy sized stripers. This week we had some really nice catches of striped bass and whenever the weather is nice, we look forward to getting you out there to get in on the action. We are currently booking full day inshore only for stripers out of rudee inlet. The fish are far away and we cannot get to where the fish are on a half or 3/4 day. Sorry Ocean rockfish will be here soon, so we should have some action in January after the bay season closes. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and we will get you booked. Thanks, capt Jake