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half day inshore fishing charters in Virginia Beach

August is here and charter fishing in Virginia Beach is red hot right now. Whether its inshore fishing charters or offshore gulf stream sport fishing charters out of Rudee inlet in Virginia Beach, there is plenty to catch with Matador Charters.

Inshore, we are running plenty of inshore fishing charters from Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. trolling the inshore waters off the Virginia Beach resort strip continues to yield good numbers of spanish mackerel and bluefish. We have also seen a fair amount of nice cobia and we should see numbers of cobia increasing as they begin to migrate out of the chesapeake bay as fall gets here. There have also been some encounters with red drum and king mackerel in the waters off the sandbridge area off Virginia Beach. Spadefish have started biting again, so we have good numbers of them available. We also have the usual summer fishing off Virginia Beach for flounder, sea bass, triggerfish, sheepshead, spot and croaker.

Shark fishing remains very good for our shark fishing charters in Virginia Beach. We have had very good luck with the sharks this year and though most of the shark fishing is all catch and release, our charters really enjoy catching sharks and kids really love to see the sharks. Most of the sharks we catch are on the smaller side, however, from time to time we still catch a really huge one. We have caught lots of blacktip sharks, some hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, bull sharks, sand tiger sharks, dusky sharks, and even released a great white shark earlier this summer. It has been a really good summer for shark fishing in Virginia Beach and that should continue.

There is plenty of time and we still have plenty of availability to get out on a charter fishing trip and get in on the action out of Virginia Beach. We are currently booking inshore charters, half day charters, offshore charters, deep drop charters, and of course shark fishing charters. Give me a call today at 7577496008 and we will get you all set up for you charter fishing trip. Thanks, Capt. Jake



Virginia Beach inshore charter boat fishing report

Here in Virginia Beach we are in the midst of summer, at the height of tourist season and we are doing charter fishing trips. The fishing is really great right now and we have a lot going on. On our inshore fishing trips, we are finding lots of sharks. Everyone wants to see a shark right now because of the recent shark attacks, and we are catching PLENTY of sharks, some really big ones too. We are also seeing some cobias on our inshore fishing charters and spanish mackerel and bluefish continue to be abundant. I'm sure theres plenty of other things to fish for, however this is what he have been targeting and catching consistently.

Offshore, there are all sorts of things going on for our gulf stream fishing charters. Bluefin tuna have shown up in the shallow waters and there are some 100 pound class bluefins being caught. There are also plenty of mahi mahi moving in very close to the beach and there have been some reports of billfish in very shallow water very close to the beach, but none caught yet. We are also seeing some blue marlin, white marlin, yellowfin tuna, and bigeye tuna around the canyons. Amberjack are also all over the southern towers. 

Deep drop fishing continues to be good and we are seeing really good catches of blueline tilefish, some nice black sea bass mixed in, golden tiles, blackbelly rosefish, barrelfish, and wreckfish on the bottom in the deep out near the canyon. 

We are booking for all kinds of charter fishing trips, inshore half day fishing trips with the family, full day inshore shark fishing trips, offshore and gulf stream charters, deep drop fishing trips, whatever kind of sport fishing trip you want to do, we have something available and can get you out there. Give me a call at 7577496008 and we will get you booked. 

Here are a couple photos from todays inshore fishing trip. We had a couple big sand tiger sharks, a nice catch of spanish mackerel, and this big old fat cobia. 



Virginia beach inshore fishing charters

After a couple days of bad weather, we were finally able to get some good fishing weather on Saturday to get an inshore fishing charter in yesterday out of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. The fishing was a little slow in the morning and we had just a couple bluefish, but as it warmed up the spadefish started biting and we we ended the day with a really nice catch of spadefish and spanish mackerel. This is the first nice catch of spadefish we have been able to make in 2015 using a hook and line. These spades will typically bite until sometime in July and we catch catch spadefish on a three quarter or full day inshore. We will continue to see numbers pf spadefish, spanish mackerel, bluefish, and sharks increase as waters continue to warm off the coast of Virginia Beach. We are booking inshore fishing trips and offshore fishing trips from rudee inlet for the rest of summer. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and get your Virginia Beach charter fishing trip booked. Thanks, capt Jake



Virginia Beach shark fishing charter boat

Over the last couple days, we have had some really great shark fishing charter trips. We were able to locate a dead whale carcass floating in the offshore waters off Virginia Beach. The whale has obviously been dead for a long time and has been floating around stinking up and chumming the waters for a long time. There were tons of sharks around the whale carcass and we caught a lot of sharks including big blue sharks, big tiger sharks, and we were even able to release a fifteen foot long great white shark. I have never caught a great white before and it was really an awesome experience. This fish was huge and made a really awesome bite on our bait right beside the boat. This shark fishing was pretty incredible and a really good start to the season for us. 

There have also been plenty of tuna in the offshore waters off Virginia Beach right now. The waters are warming and an eddy has spun off the gulf stream and pushed good conditions for tuna fishing right off the coast of Virginia. Give us a call today and book an offshore fishing trip to go catch tuna. 

Inshore the fishing is really starting to get going. We are catching good numbers of red drum sight casting and there have been plenty of cobias around in the waters off Virginia Beach as well. The fishing for spadefish is getting started and should really get going good over the next week or two on the inshore reefs and wrecks off Virginia Beach. Any day we will also see good numbers of sharks and spanish mackerel showing up on our inshore trips as well. 

We are currently booking inshore charter fishing trips and offshore charter fishing trips out of rudee inlet in Virginia Beach. The fishing is really getting going now and if you want to go on a charter fishing tirp, now is the time to book. Toursit season hasnt started in Virginia Beach yet and if you want a prime date on a weekend, now is the time to book. Give me a call today at 7577496008 and we will get you booked, thanks Capt. Jake



Virginia Beach half day charter boat fishing report

It the end of May and the inshore fishing is really starting to get good for our inshore fishing charters in Virginia Beach. Over the last week, we have seen the inshore fishing get increasingly better for several species. Cobia, spanish mackerel, schools of red drum, spadefish, and sharks are all present now off the coast of Virginia Beach. The weather has hurt us a little bit over the last couple days because the sustained south wind has created upwelling and cooled the waters off, but nonetheless the fish are still here and theres some very good fishing inshore most days. We are looking forward to these fish continuing to arrive in numbers and we are ready for the summer inshore charter fishing season out of Virginia Beach. For inshore charter fishing trips in Virginia Beach, we are currently booking half day inshore trips for $550, 3/4 day inshore trips for $800, and full day inshore trips for $1000. All of our Virginia Beach inshore charter fishing trips arrive and depart from the Virginia Beach fishing center in Rudee inlet in Virginia Beach. We are available anytime and can take up to six people per trip. We are also booking offshore fishing charters, deep sea fishing charters, shark fishing charters, and deep drop fishing charters. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 Thanks capt. Jake. Heres some recent pics from some of our Virginia beach inshore fishing charters: