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Virginia beach inshore fishing charter boat

Last weekend, we fished a couple inshore half day inshore charter fishing trips out of Rudee inlet in Virginia Beach. Fishing continued to be great with good catches of bluefish. Some of the bluefish are really nice sized and put up a great fight on light tackle. There have been plenty of 2 to 4 pound bluefish around and even some bigger 8 to 12 pound fish that are really fun to catch. The smaller blues are excellent tablefare and we have been catching plenty for our charters to take home and eat. Though puppy drum have been slow to arrive in rudee inlet, there are a few drum around in the inlet for those who put their time in. We have also seen a bunch of flounder show up in rudee inlet and the inshore waters off Virginia beach and in the lower chesapeake bay this week. We had warm weather for several days now and things are beginning to arrive in our waters. There are a few sharks in the inshore waters. Though tautog season is over, sea bass season starts next friday. Plenty of red drum and black drum are on the shoals at the mouth of the bay. So in summary, there is plenty to catch on an inshore fishing charter out of virginia beach right now. Give me a call today and get your trip reserved. Thanks, capt. Jake



Virginia Beach half day charter boat fishing report

Its that time of year where every fishing report from the charter boats out of Virginia Beach is going to be better than the last report. The inshore waters off the Virginia Beach oceanfront, Chesapeake Bay, and Rudee Inlet are all warming with each passing day and as the waters warm, new species of fish are arriving daily. We continue to see very good fishing for taylor sized bluefish in Rudee Inlet. Some puppy drum and flounder are also beginning to show in Rudee inlet and lynnhaven inlet as well. In the lower Chesapeake Bay, at the Chessapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, off the Virginia Beach oceanfront and the Virginia Beach resort strip, and in the inshore waters of Virginia Beach, tautog are getting most of the attention and fishing for blackfish has been very good, but the last day of the season for tautog is thursday. The next fish we find on the wrecks are black sea bass, and their season comes in May 15. We are also seeing flounder, croaker, and sea mullet beginning to show for bottom fishermen. On the eastern shore barrier islands and on the shoals at the northern end of the cbbt, there are beginning to be some catches of big red drum and big black drum. Inshore, sharks, spadefish, cobia, and mackerel will all begin to make a showing in the upcoming weeks. We look forward to our  summer charter fishing season out of Virginia Beach and hope you will book a trip and come fish on our charter boat. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and we can get your 2015 Virginia Beach charter boat fishing trip reserved. Thanks, Capt. Jake


Virginia Beach inshore charter fishing trip report

This upcoming week, Matador Charters is available EVERY DAY for an inshore charter fishing trip out of Virginia Beach. Please give me a call or send an email and book a trip. The inshore fishing is really great right now and we are catching plenty of fish. These inshore charters are great for fishing with kids and families and our groups have really been having a great time lately. 


Today we fished an inshore half day charter with a family who had a young man celebrating a birthday. They had several children on the boat today for the charter, and we went to the back of rudee inlet, broke out the light tackle and the kids had a blast catching all the two to three pound bluefish they could catch. In a four hour half day inshore charter, they almost caught their limit of bluefish at fifty fish. Needless to say it was a lot of cranking for the kids and everyone had a great time and we brought a really nice catch back to the dock. 



Virginia Beach inshore charter fishing trip report

The Matador charter boat has done several inshore charter fishing trips in Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach over the last couple of days and we are seeing very good results. These warm temperatures in Va Beach lately have made waters of rudee inlet and the Chesapeake bay warmer and we are seeing more and more fish every day. Right now we are seeing great numbers of two to five pound bluefish in and around Rudee Inlet,  in the inshore waters off the Virginia Beach oceanfront, and at the mouth of the Chesapeake bay. We have also began to catch a handful of flounder and puppy drum. Big redfish and black drum have shown up in schools off the Virginia Beach resort area and and off the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Everything is off to a good start and it wont be long before we have spadefish, sharks, and cobia in our waters as well. We really look forward to doing some Virginia Beach shark fishing charters on our Va Beach inshore fishing trips. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 for your inshore fishing charter in Virginia Beach with the charter boat Matador.



Virginia Beach Inshore Fishing Charter

On Saturday 4/18, Matador Charters fished a Virginia Beach half day inshore fishing charter. We finally are seeing some fish to catch on our inshore trips and we had a nice catch of bluefish at Rudee Inlet. This is great to see because now that the bluefish are here, we have something consistent that we can fish for every day. These taylor bluefish are two to five pounds, fight really hard, and are great to eat at this size. Rudee Inlet also has seen some puppy drum (redfish) and flounder should arrive any day now as water temperatures in the inlet push up towards 60 degrees.  In the lower Chesapeake Bay, Tautog are being caught, big schools of red drum, or redfish, have been seen, and there have been a handful of black drum caught as well.



We have plenty of availability for Virginia Beach inshore fishing charters and can get you and your family or friends out to the fish. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and we will get your inshore fishing charter booked. Thanks, capt. Jake

Virginia Beach Half Day Inshore Fishing Charter