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Virginia Beach half day inshore fishing trips

Finally, the water has warmed up enough and we are beginning to get optimistic about catching some fish on our Virginia Beach inshore fishing charters. Half day inshore fishing trips are now available from Virginia Beach. As you may know, we are a Virginia Beach inshore fishing charter boat, and do plenty of inshore fishing trips in addition to our offshore deep sea fishing charters. There are puppy drum in Rudee Inlet and dogfish off the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Both of these species are great for a half day inshore fishing charter out of Virginia Beach.  Soon we will start doing our shark fishing charters from Virginia Beach also. For full day inshore fishing trips and nearshore fishing charters, there have been reports of red and black drum caught in the surf of the Barrier Islands of the Eastern Shore. We have also heard of some tautog, dogfish, and cod out on the nearshore wrecks off Virginia Beach. All in all, we are glad to see the water warming up and some fish showing up for our Virginia Beach inshore fishing charters.


On Saturday, we did an offshore deep drop fishing charter out of Virginia Beach. We had really nice conditions for the trip out to Norfolk Canyon and had a really great catch of Blueline Tilefish, Golden Tilefish, Wreckfish, Barrelfish, and Rosefish. Deep drop fishing offshore will last all summer and we are booking offshore deep drop fishing charters.


As for offshore trips to the gulf stream and tuna fishing charters, though it is early in the season, reports are still good. We have seen plenty of bluefin tuna, some yellowfin tuna, plenty of mako sharks, and even some mahi mahi, and a billfish or two have been reported.


We are booking inshore fishing charters, half day inshore fishing trips, offshore fishing charters, shark fishing charters, tuna fishing trips, and family fishing trips out of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and we will get you booked. Thanks




Virginia beach inshore fishing charters

Inshore fishing charters in Virginia beach are starting to be booked so I thought I would take a moment to give a quick update. We are starting to see some puppy drum in rudee inlet and off Virginia Beach there have been reports of cod, tautog, and dogfish all in the inshore waters of Virginia Beach. Things have been very slow to get started inshore in Virginia Beach so far this year though and it sounds like a broken record but everything is just around the corner as far as Virginia Beach inshore fishing charters go.


Speaking of broken records, I was fishing aboard the "Ate Up" out of rudee inlet on Monday and we caught a new state record bluefin tuna at 606 pounds. The giant bluefin tuna was 102.5 inches long and fought on an 80 wide for 5.5 hours. It was a heck of a catch. Offshore fishing out of Virginia Beach seems to have gotten off to a much better start than inshore fishing and in the gulf stream we are seeing bluefin and yellowfin tuna, and mako and hammerhead sharks. We also have really good deep drop fishing for groupers and tilefish right now.


We are booking inshore half day charter trips, inshore 3/4 day charter fishing trips, full day inshore trips, shark fishing trips, deep drop charters, and tuna fishing charters right now. Give me a call today at 757-759-6008 and we will get you booked. Thanks, Capt. Jake



Virginia Beach Inshore Fishing Charter

The Virginia Beach inshore charter fishing season is now getting started. Spring is here and we are beginning to see some fish showing up on our inshore fishing trips. Inside rudee inlet, we are seeing some puppy drum (AKA redfish). They are here and we are seeing the puppy drum swimming and sunning, but they are not eating yet. That should change any time now as waters warm into the 50 degree plus range. It has been a very cold winter in Virginia Beach and the fishing has been very tough. We are very excited that spring is here and that some good fishing will be here in the very near future. Within days, we should see some fish beginning to arrive in the inshore waters just off the coast of Virginia Beach. We will see flounder, tautog, and dogfish moving into our waters any day now. These are typically the first species we see migrate into Virginia waters and they are past due now.


Offshore, several species have been available now for weeks. We have several species of tunas including bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna as well as mako sharks readily available in the offshore waters out of Virginia Beach. A new state record bluefin tuna was caught on thursday out of Rudee Inlet by Robert Smith, who regularly works with us at Matador Charters. Robert caught the 576.5 pound 103 inch bluefin tuna fishing aboard the Bella Donna out of Rudee Inlet thursday after a 3 hour battle with the huge tuna on an 80 wide. So congratulations to Robert and the crew of the Bella Donna on their catch. We also have deep drop fishing charters available offshore out of Virginia right now for several species of tilefish and grouper. Black sea bass season comes back in May 15 and we are booking sea bass trips. We are also booking inshore and offshore fishing charters out of Virginia Beach so give us a call at 757-749-6008 and get your Virginia Beach fishing charter booked.



Virginia Beach Inshore Charter Fishing Trips

Spring is here and now is the time to book your summer 2015 Virginia Beach Inshore Charter Fishing Trip with Matador charters. We specialize in inshore fishing out of rudee inlet in Va Beach and off half day fishing trips, 3/4 day inshore fishing trips, and full day inshore fishing trips.

Within days we will be seeing the puppy drum showing in rudee inlet and there are dogfish off the Virginia Beach resort strip right now. The fishing off VA beach will only get better as the water warms. Sea bass season comes in on May 15 and we are still not booked for opening day of  black seabass season of any of the days around opening day.

Also, we still have plenty of availability for summer half day inshore charter fishing trips. These half day inshore charters are great family fishing trips that everyone will enjoy. Give us a call today at 757-749-6008 and get your Virginia Beach Inshore Charter Fishing Trip booked.

Thanks Capt. Jake 


Virginia Beach Charter Fishing

Yesterday, we were able to get the Matador offshore so we could go tuna fishing out of Virginia Beach. We went to the gulf stream searching for bluefin tuna but were not able to find any bluefins. We dud have several yellowfin tuna bites and we were able to catch five really nice yellowfin tuna. This is very good news for the spring season out of rudee inlet, especially in March. I get a very good feeling that soon we will be seeing large numbers of yellowfin tuna in the gulf stream waters off Virginia Beach because we are already seeing good fishing for them and its early in the season for them to be here. We also caught a hammerhead shark that we released and we released a mako shark as well. Makos are very good to eat and we should see mako sharks around in increasing numbers until july. We are very happy to see spring time fishing here out of rudee inlet and will be happy to book your offshore fishing trips. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and get your Virginia Beach Offshore fishing charter booked. Thanks, Capt. Jake