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Spring is here and now is the time to book your summer 2015 Virginia Beach Inshore Charter Fishing Trip with Matador charters. We specialize in inshore fishing out of rudee inlet in Va Beach and off half day fishing trips, 3/4 day inshore fishing trips, and full day inshore fishing trips.

Within days we will be seeing the puppy drum showing in rudee inlet and there are dogfish off the Virginia Beach resort strip right now. The fishing off VA beach will only get better as the water warms. Sea bass season comes in on May 15 and we are still not booked for opening day of  black seabass season of any of the days around opening day.

Also, we still have plenty of availability for summer half day inshore charter fishing trips. These half day inshore charters are great family fishing trips that everyone will enjoy. Give us a call today at 757-749-6008 and get your Virginia Beach Inshore Charter Fishing Trip booked.

Thanks Capt. Jake 


Virginia Beach Charter Fishing

Yesterday, we were able to get the Matador offshore so we could go tuna fishing out of Virginia Beach. We went to the gulf stream searching for bluefin tuna but were not able to find any bluefins. We dud have several yellowfin tuna bites and we were able to catch five really nice yellowfin tuna. This is very good news for the spring season out of rudee inlet, especially in March. I get a very good feeling that soon we will be seeing large numbers of yellowfin tuna in the gulf stream waters off Virginia Beach because we are already seeing good fishing for them and its early in the season for them to be here. We also caught a hammerhead shark that we released and we released a mako shark as well. Makos are very good to eat and we should see mako sharks around in increasing numbers until july. We are very happy to see spring time fishing here out of rudee inlet and will be happy to book your offshore fishing trips. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and get your Virginia Beach Offshore fishing charter booked. Thanks, Capt. Jake




Virginia beach offshore fishing report

Finally we are beginning to see some signs that spring is here and some fish are starting to show up in our waters. In the last couple weeks we have had a couple days of offshore fishing and when the weather and the gulf stream have cooperated we have been able to get out and catch some fish. Bluefin tuna have been around and we have caught several different species of tuna including bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, and blackfin tuna. No great numbers of any one particular species yet, but its good to see that they are here. Numbers of fish will continue to improve with each passing day. We have also seen plenty of sharks offshore, including mako sharks and hammerheads. There have been a handful of dolphin (mahi-mahi) offshore as well. We have the bottomfish that are always around offshore including blueline tilefish, golden tilefish, wreckfish, snowy grouper, and sea bass offshore for those charters that choose to go bottom fishing. We have plenty of charter dates available and we will be fishing out of rudee inlet in Virginia Beach throughout the summer. Give me a call at 757-749-6008 and get your reservation booked for your offshore charter fishing trip. Thank, capt. Jake


Virginia Beach Inshore Fishing Report

Just a quick update for those looking to charter a fishing trip in Virginia Beach. Spring has sprung and we are starting to see some fish arriving as the water warms. We have found puppy drum in Rudee inlet and dog sharks and skates are outside the inlet off the Virginia Beach oceanfront. That doesn't sound like much but it's a start. The puppy drum are a hard fighting fish that are good to eat and the dogfish are a type of shark. Soon we should see some other fishing showing up. Specifically we should begin to see some tautog, flounder, and sea bass inshore, but sea bass are not legal to keep until May 16. We should also see some striped bass and big drum showing up around the mouth of the Chesapeake bay in the next couple weeks. All in all its starting to get nice outside and with it being warm and sunny out, waters should warm up and we should begin seeing more fish arriving every day. We are currently charter fishing inshore and offshore out of rudee inlet in virginia beach. We have plenty of dates available for charter fishing so give me a call at 757-749-6008. Thanks, Capt. Jake


Stripers are here and we are READY

Today is the last day of the mid atlantic rockfish shoot out and we just finished putting our new motors in and we did not get to fish the tournament this year but there is some very good fishing going on with big rockfish on eels in the lower  chesapeake bay. We have also heard reports of stripers in the ocean to the north of rudee inlet  and virginia beach and we are now ready to fish. Sea bass, tilefish, and wreckfish, have been biting pretty good offshore on the deep drop and wreck fishing scene and offshore some good yellowfin tuna fishing has been had over the last couple days. Give us a call today and we can get you out on a charter trip out of rudee inlet. There are fish to catch. Give me a call today at 7577496008 and lets get your virginia beach charter fishing trip set up so we can go get them. Thanks, captain Jake